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best Warzone settings for FPS

As we see the new Battle Royal for Call of Duty has appeared we need to make sure our FPS is optimized to the max. COD is that type of game that has incredible graphics and we absolutely love it. The same goes for Call of Duty: Warzone but it comes with a reduction of FPS. But don't worry, we will cover the best FPS settings for the new game mode Warzone without taking away too much of the great graphics.

Remember you'll have to sacrifice some of the good graphics in-game but if you can gain FPS by doing so, it might be a good idea. The difference between low and average to high FPS is huge and could be the dealbreaker to whether you'll come out as a winner or loser.

How Much FPS do you really need?

Sure, we know that having a high FPS count is important, but how many frames do we really need? Regardless of your current setup, most gamers agree that having a minimum average of 60 frames per second is ideal to ensure a smooth playing experience. Go below that frame count and you will see frame skips that could prevent you from detecting movement, especially in a game where engagements can happen over great distances.

However, that doesn’t mean that your system is good to go once your system can render 60FPS. Keep in mind that COD: Warzone will have plenty of moments were a lot of things are happening at once. Your rig may be able to render the game smoothly at one point in the game, only to be reduced to a crawl once an intense firefight starts.

On the other hand, rendering too many frames can also be a problem. If your graphics card is powerful enough, it could end up rendering frames that your monitor can’t show. The easiest way to check this is to look at your monitor’s display frequency (measured in Hz). A 144hz monitor will be able to display a maximum of 144 FPS, anything beyond that could cause a problem known as screen tearing, which could cause you to miss a few targets while moving around.

Best Quick Fix Settings for FPS in Call of Duty: Warzone [Without losing too much graphics]

1. Set a reasonable framerate limit

This option might seem strange cause why would you want to limit your framerates, right? Well, setting your FPS to Unlimited is actually not a good idea if you don't have a high-end gaming PC/Laptop that can handle it. Therefore you should limit your framerates to what your computer is capable to handle.

  1. Head over to → Graphics Settings
  2. Select → Custom Framerate Limit
  3. Go to → Gameplay Limit - Set to 5 - 10 frames below you max in-game or to your monitors Hz.. So if you have got a 144Hz monitor - set limit to 144Hz
  4. Set your Menu Limit → 60
  5. Set your Out of Focus Limit → 30

By limiting these settings you'll also save your Graphics card to not go on overdrive while playing which will lead to a shorter life span.

If you are willing to have your Graphics card on overdrive, simply put Unlimited.

2. Minimize usage of VRAM

Next step will be to minimize the use of Video Ram (VRAM). The more VRAM you have free, the more your GPU can hold and therefore render more complex images and textures on the graphics chip, which will result in faster and better performance.

  1. Display modeFullscreen
    While fullscreen borderless is also an option, that model requires the game to send output to your system’s OS (because it’s basically an active window). True full-screen mode makes your system render the game exclusively, which could add a few frames (especially when you have an older system).
  2. Render Resolution100
    This setting will ensure that your game is rendering graphics at the exact resolution you’re monitor is set to. Higher values will force your system to render higher resolution graphics but it will greatly increase VRAM usage.
  3. V-SyncDisabled
    V-sync will prevent screen tearing and costs little to no extra VRAM, but it also has a tendency to cause input lag. We suggest just sticking to setting an FPS limit.
  4. Texture ResolutionLow / Normal
    Higher texture resolution settings will make the game look more detailed. However, you won’t really have the time to stop and admire the finer details of the game if you’re playing to win. Keep this on low or normal.
  5. Shadow Map ResolutionNormal
    This is the same as the previous option, except shadows already tend to take up too VRAM in most games, including CoD Warzone. Not an issue for high-end rigs, but you may want to tone this down if you have a mid-range setup or lower. Setting this to normal is good enough; any higher and you will notice a significant hit in terms of FPS.
  6. DirectX RaytracingDisabled
    The visual effects of raytracing are barely enough to justify the performance hit when this feature is on, even when using an RTX 2070 or 2080. While this is great for Modern Warfare’s single-player mode, we believe raytracing will just hinder CoD Warzone players.
  7. World Motion BlurDisabled
    Any form of blurring in a game where you need to see as clearly as possible while on the move is bad. If you turn this option on, you could end up missing key objects in the distance (or worse, other players).
  8. Weapon Motion BlurDisabled
    Unless you want to play like you're some far-sighted soldier, this is just as bad as the previous motion blur option. Keep this option off.
  9. Depth of Field → Disabled
    Depth of field is supposed to make the game look more immersive. This is fine for single-player games where you can afford to focus on things. However, this effectively limits your effective field of vision in a competitive setting, putting you at a disadvantage.

If this doesn't give you the results you were hoping for - check the more in-depth guide below. ↓

Pro Settings for FPS in Warzone [Pictures]

Shrouds Settings

Shroud used to be a professional CSGO player but nowadays he's one of the biggest streamers across all streaming platforms. We have put together his settings for you, check them out!

Display settings

Call of Duty: Warzone - Display Settings

Details & Textures

Call of Duty: Warzone - Details & Textures

Shadow & Lightning

Call of Duty: Warzone - Shadow & Lightning

Post Processing Effects

Call of Duty: Warzone - Post Processing Effect

Personalizing Your Settings

Depending on your current hardware, you might have to set some of these options lower to get even higher framerates. However, sticking to the ones we emphasized earlier should be a reliable "baseline". You can later fine-tune these settings for your personal preferences.

If you DO want to increase some of the settings, we recommend starting with the Anisotropic filter and Anti-Aliasing settings. These two options have the least impact on VRAM.

If you want to optimize your settings for CSGO, check this article out.

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3 thoughts on “Best Settings for Call of Duty: Warzone | FPS Settings | Pro Settings

  1. Dear William,
    I have Microsoft Surface 2 with Nvedia GEFORCE 1050 graphic card, I downloaded Call of Duty Warzone. I realise that the game does not run smoothly, frames are lagging, etc.
    Are you familiar with such problems and can you please share with me the reasons you are aware of and how can I change the necessary setting to have the satisfying experience as I have played with XBox One S.
    Thanks and kind regards,

    1. Hello, can you specify your graphics card further? If it’s a low gen graphics card I’d suggest replacing it with a newer one. Try setting all of your settings to low, clean your computer from unnecessary files to get more space – update your Nvidia drivers.

    2. Tablets are not designed to run heavy workloads like modern 3D games for extended periods of time. They will overheat and thermal throttle very quickly.

      Get a PC or Laptop with no less than an nvidia 1650 or amd radeon 5500XT video card. That will give you acceptable framerates (50-60) at 1080p with some settings turned up.

      Or get a console.

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