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If you want to win more Victory Royales in Fortnite this season than you ever have, then this guide for the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4 is the one you need. Here we'll cover the very best spots to land in this season if you want an advantageous start.

Updated: September 2020

Best Fortnite Landing Spots Season 4

  1. Retail Row Ledge
  2. Misty Meadows Mountain
  3. Craggy Cliffs Weather Station
  4. Craggy Cliffs Island
  5. Frenzy Farm Hill

Retail Row Ledge


This first spot is right near Retail Row. It's a small ledge on a snowy hill just to the side, as indicated on the map above. What makes this spot so good is that there are two chests to pick up as soon as you land. There's also a floor loot spawn point, meaning you could pick up a weapon and a few juicy extras within the first few seconds of a match.

Here you can also find plenty of resources to gather, and since it's quite secluded, you could probably get everything you need for the late game before you've even really begun the match.

Another thing that makes this spot brilliant is the fact that you can push right into Retail Row as soon as you're ready. It's perfect for both players who are great at shooting and getting up close and personal, and those who want to stay back and watch the chaos unfold before them. Depending on how the map closes off, you could spend most of the match here and just hide out until the final few players.

Misty Meadows Mountain

As shown in the image above, this spot is very close to Misty Meadows. It's another ledge, but this time it's just on the side of the nearby snowy mountain. If you're dropping into this area, you really cannot miss it. The thing to look for are two metal shacks, which is where you want to be landing.

What makes this landing spot so sweet is the pair of chests that you can immediately search and gather from. One is located in the building on the furthest edge of the ledge, while the second is north of it, down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill is a house with four chests, and there are two more scattered around it. However, more players are aware of these chests, so only head here if you're confident that you'll get what you need and be able to escape.

As with the first spot, there are a number of resources that you can gather here. You'll be spoilt fo choice, and that's what makes it perfect. You can pick up as many resources as you need, and ensure that you can build yourself a castle in the late game.

This spot is in an area where a lot of players like to land, though it is slightly out of the way. Just be aware that when you land, you could find yourself fighting at least one other player for those chests.

Craggy Cliffs Weather Station

Next on the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4 is the Craggy Cliffs Weather Station. Drop towards Craggy Cliffs, but then head to the weather Station that's off to the right of the area in the image above. You can't miss it really, it has a giant antenna.

There are three chests in this building, one on each floor. It's also obviously a great location to rip apart for materials, so you could set yourself up for some building later on.

The one thing that makes this spot pretty tough is the number of people that usually head to it from the word go. If you're not so great at getting kills in the early game, give this spot a miss. However, if you're good at taking players down before they've even found a weapon, then head here to get some early game kills and loot.

When you're done with the Weather Station you can head south. There's a small race track down there, and you can find one more chest here to grab some sweet loot from. This is also a fantastic point to head further south from, which is a good method for moving away from the areas that players cluster in.

Craggy Cliffs Island


We're heading back to Craggy Cliffs with this spot. Instead of on the mainland though, head to the island nearby. You can see this in the image above.

Immediately check the building on the island, there's a chest in the roof and in the basement. Of course, the entire building is also perfect for breaking apart. Not that many people care to land here, so you'll have a few minutes before they make their way over from the mainland, as long as the circle isn't closing.

The island is packed with fishing holes. This is the perfect opportunity to try fishing for a while as you explore the rest of the island, Just keep your weapons handy in case you do see someone else. Fishing allows you to stock up on useful items for the rest of the match. You'll thank yourself when that fish makes the difference between life and death in the final moments.

Frenzy Farm Hill


The last location on our list of the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4 is Frenzy Farm Hill. Head towards Frenzy Farm, but look for the little hill that's highlighted on the map above.

On this hill you'll find a very lucky start with two chest spawns and a floor loot spawn. The beauty of this spot is that if you land first, you can pick up the weapon on the floor, shoot whoever else is trying to take the chest, and claim it for yourself, as well as that kill.

Down on the hill on the road nearby is a massive truck full of wooden pallets. You can farm loads of wood and steel here for building with later on.

There's also a triple chest spawn in some trees to the south. Here you will find loads of mushrooms for getting your shield up too. Just watch out for other players since this is a spot where everyone wanders through.


Out of all of the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4, we would recommend Frenzy Farm Hill as the best. It sets you up for the rest of the game, allowing you to head to a building and hide for the rest of the match if you want to. You can also get a few good kills in before anyone knows what they're doing here. We wouldn't be surprised if the spot starts getting used regularly by Fortnite professionals in the future.

If however, fighting other players in the first few seconds of a game isn't for you, then Retail Row Ledge is definitely the better landing spot. It's nice and secluded, and no one will bother you there. It's also the best option for chests that's out of the way in this list.

Even though you might not be comfortable taking on other players early on in the game, any of these landing spots will payoff for the rest of the match. Try them all out and see which one is best for you.

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