Best CSGO Casino and Skin Gambling sites | Most trustes sites + Bonuses

Best CSGO Casino and Skin Gambling sites | Most trustes sites + Bonuses

Top CSGO Casino's The Essentials

There is a lot of ways to gamble in CSGO, however, we will mention the ways to gamble with skin trough CSGO casinos. We have reviewed a lot of different sites but these are the sites that we decided to be the best skin gambling / Casino sites for CSGO in 2019.

Casinos had been around for quite some time, and their prominence nurtures along competitiveness: The matching concurrency that carried us to the game in the first place. As the eSports phenomenon continues to flourish, so does the gambling aspect to it.

These are the best CSGO Casino and skin betting sites:

  • – Non-skin gambling
  • CSGOEmpire
  • WTFSkins
  • CSGOFast
  • xHowl
  • Gamdom

Raffle on The Best CSGO Casinos

Best CSGO Casino and Skin gambling sites in CSGO for 2019

To kick-start this listing of the best CSGO casino sites with our top pick here at TGG. It’s a site that does a lot of match betting and things like that aswell but they’re absolutely one of the best, if not the best Casino site aswell. With their wide range of games such as High-striker (which is CSGO Crash), Coin Flip, Roll the Dice and so many more to choose from.

We appreciate when sites work with the eSports scene and really does. The site is a known contributor in the CSGO scene with sponsorship of tournaments and teams.

However, we will add that this is the only site that does not accept skins as payment in our list. But we still consider it the best when it comes to security, user-friendlyness and range of games.

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  • Easy to navigate / user-friendly website
  • Created by former professional players.
  • Great weekly bonuses with chances to win skins, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accepts cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) 


Last but surely not least, we have one of the most reputable CSGO Casino / Gambling sites.

On its entrance, CSGOEmpire (as we have previously used it for an example) offers categories such as roulette, slots and giveaways.

It has grown solidity and reliability alongside it. Here, you will deposit skins, which will be later withdrawn when winning.

Their design, however, presents itself in a very simple way. The choose of colours are no reason to deny their incredible trustworthiness. Give CSGOEmpire a chance to begin with in your gambling career!

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Following up those dark and pastel shade tones, WTFSkins goes straight to the point: Offering daily bonuses, crash, roulette, upgrades and “boxes” section.

Odds are deeply on their favour, but they’re legit: I would say a 100%. One of the things confirming are players on Steam itself, claiming that they page does pay when winning.

Service is automatized. This means that, when confirmed, a robot will send you back your winnings which will go directly to your inventory.

Their deposit methods operate within the mark of Steam, which turns it into a more reliable site to bet on.

Though, they don’t count on live chat support, but require no deposit for withdrawals. Also, their transactions happen very, very fast.

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CSGOFast has to be one of the better-rated CSGO gambling sites out there.

It works on a system based on coins. Everything you deposit, whether is real money or skins will be taken and converted to coins, with rates from $1 (equal to 130 coins) up to $999 (equal to 130000 coins).

This site works instantly and has no scam issues so far throughout its history. And, a tip: Choose Double Game to raise those chances of wibenning!

Get to know more visiting the page and finding out the great journey CSGO Fast can make you experience.

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Relatively new, xHowl has pushed all boundaries to be recognized. It offers a real smooth design and interface.

Here we will be able to play coinflip, roulette and a game called tower (Climb through the tower as high as you can to increase your possible winning or claim the current one.).

The page is, obviously, accessible through Steam and offers a real deal for all players. Are you looking forward to a fresh, new and exciting casino to try your luck in?

xHowl is waiting for you!

• This site supports Bitcoin
• To earn 20 free Howl coins use this code: TGG


Gamdom has surely gone up the average, still hasn’t had the perfect reputation.

As soon as clicking in we will encounter a green-themed aspect website in which crash, roulette, trade up, and other sections appear.

This site has important features to it that make it unique. Functions on a standard verification on Steam and has not been proved to be scam yet.

On the other hand, service and transactions work pretty regular and are not an outstanding factor, reason why they’ve been closured to the “average” title.

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• This site supports Bitcoin

What are CSGO Casinos?

Now you’ve know about all the best casino and skin gambling sites for CSGO and you’re eager that you asked the not-so-obvious, dear! Essentially, the question would be: What are casinos? And even if there’s a doubt, we may discern a casino as a place when gambling [game of chances] happens.

Having comprehended the aforementioned, the only thing we need to at to it is the “Counter Strike” aspect: These casinos are built on the game. People can then select to wager their skins or real money following the [most] important teams and competitions.

The term (as well as the concept itself) has, of course, further developed to an extent it’s become a lucrative business. In many cases, casinos might be the fountain of happiness or the abysm of disgrace: It’s up to you (and your budget)!

In which way do they function? How to start? What do I have to do to be the best casino gambler? Ok, hold on right there, tiger. First of all, we’ll explain that to you, and second: Don’t lose hope, but it’s a hard way up.

Getting Ready to Shoot

Betting does not rely only on whether a player choosing the [T] or [CT] side. It’s has to do with effort, abilities and the capacity to win. Take that and make it yours. Bet like pros play.

Putting some of that moral discourse aside, we can be rational again: First you’d need money, or a very good drop on the game. Do you have a good skin? That works. Count on some money to spend? Incredibly fine!

Choosing your first casino site might have been a problematic question, but we hope that with our list you have found the best CSGO casino for you.

Knowing Your Casino Type

Just like online betting sites, CSGO casinos count on their types too. Even when we plan to explain furthermore on the next section, it’s a necessity to grasp on categories.

Counter Strike casinos work on four different types: jackpot sites, coinflip sites, CS:GO roulettes and skins betting (used to be).

Each one of the previous have a unique purpose and, as we said, they’re working together on most pages in pairs or trios. Notwithstanding, there are many websites where we are going to be able to find all their forms.

CS:GO Casinos – Their Types

So you’re already planning on going big on the casino world? Great to hear. Don’t get fooled and learn about casino times in advance.

Every site works on a different manner and on a different basis, but there are four categories that rule the whole gambling spectrum, at least on Counter Strike, [yet] you could find the same on different eSports.

Shall we revisit each single one of them, then? Great! Hey, you’re a great reader, by the way. Glad you could come to our interesting lecture.

Jackpot Sites

All sites in our list offers Jackpot but if you don’t want to follow our recommendations you’ll have to test different ones to find the best Jackpot sites for CSGO.

It all take us back to gambling and casino terminology one more time. A ‘jackpot’, is a bonanza. It’s the same that when you beat ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ but with less chances.

Jackpots are, pretty much, all over the place. Easily found on many websites, and not being used as their “primary” way of attracting people, they embody one of the most desperate, hard and random ways to make money.

Going deeper through it, there is going to be a “sign in through Steam” marking, which is very important to have on those sites. Gamble and prove your luck, but don’t blame your disgrace on us, please!

Coinflip Sites

In our list of the best CSGO casino sites for 2019, all of the options offer Coinflip.

Following the side, we chose before and the final outcome, we could be a little richer — Just think about the bright part of it, really.

Coinflip sites are, as well, separate categories of a major CS:GO gambling site. You might find some out on the web, but there’s never going to be a [sole] one dedicated and focused on this single game.

The Ultimate CSGO Roulette

Roulettes make your gambling experience a lot more fun. These are mostly known due to some YouTubers and other streamers who abjectly choose to wager money.

Taking CSGOEmpire as a yet another example, you would be able to recognize how the game works: Charge your balance. Make the roulette spin and deal with the result.

So far, we have revisited some of the most common CSGO Casino categories, but which one is the most popular until this date? Oh, yes! Skins betting are coming!

Skins Betting(not available)

And here they are! This used to be the most popular form of gambling on CSGO. Skins betting sounds very, very modest, and they indeed are.

Pick from your favourite (both bought or won) skins and use them as an informal and valid way to put yourself on the edge with your bets.

Skin gambling is not a term created for or by Counter Strike. We are using our “virtual goods” which have no direct influence on the gameplay to bet on the outcome of professional matches.

In case that AWP Dragon Lore is doing nothing on your inventory, why not making yourself a scholar out of it? Don’t mind explaining me that no one has a non-used Dragon Lore in their inventory.

If we take Roll as our little instance here, we will prove a point: There is always going to be a Steam-account validation linked to your betting. Keep that on mind when entering different, unknown sites.

Be aware

Always consider your betting options. Don’t get caught in one site just by their look, and be willing to consider other picks in the future.

Betting is not for kids. Assuming you’re a grownup who wants to spend his or her money: Do it responsibly. There are many tips to be taught, but fundamentally think on the Terms and Conditions of each page.

Indeed, there are subjects we are not going to be able to control. Focus on your possibilities, be real about your statistics and, furthermore, your money.

Start Your Journey

Off to go! It’s your time to shine, so start now with your gambling career, but don’t take it too seriously: You’ll never tell in fact what could go wrong.

Having said that, here are some conclusion points you better keep on mind when beginning with your gambling situation:

  • Remember to always think straight: Betting can be a matter of fun – which, undoubtedly, is – but your head and your actions must be cold at any time. Consider yourself a graduated doctor with an operation up front. Don’t waste your money by playing passionately, so stick to what’s reasonable and not with what makes you feel the more entertained — Just a tip, folks! You can always wage your lifetime savings (please don’t).
  • There’s no CT o T side here, keep your “winning” choir As ambiguous it may sound, don’t lose hope on losing money, because that’s indeed going to happen at some point.
  • Casinos are designed to win, which means that they have the advantage. Take that into account. Really mean to play within the terms of the phrase: It will make you less enthusiast but more optimistic when you lose. You don’t have the advantage, wild boy, but you sure can crack the system.

On the way of the big article finale, we must pay attention to Terms and Conditions. Yes, have you seen them before? They are all over the webpages we visit. Not only casinos offer them.

Follow Them Terms

Terms and Conditions are our way to know how a casino functions. Their tasks, their licenses, their rules. Getting to distinguish which casino is better can be based on this particular category (and yes, it’s a true lifesaver in many, many cases).

In most cases, we could be at risk for not reading them well. Maybe a transaction that wouldn’t happen because of some limitations; a normative we had violated due to our ignorance. Therefore, Terms and Conditions are there to save you, pal.

Off To Go!

CSGO Casinos are just getting started, and so are we. We hope you have liked this article so far, and that some knowledge has been transferred to your gaming veins. Don’t forget to stay tuned to TopGamersGuide for all you need to know within the eSports scene.

I hope you enjoyed the guide to the best casino and skin gambling sites in CSGO for 2019 as much as we do. And that you can find the site that suits your needs the best.

And hey, if you thought this article was interesting I’m pretty sure you’ll like our article about Betting Sites with real money for CSGO.

Ladies and gentleman, are you fine now? Ready to start your bettings? Let us know on our comment section what are your final thoughts and what else can you personally add. Until next time, folks!

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