League of Legends | Best Bot Lane Combo [Season 9]

League of Legends Best Bot Lane Combo

With the release of Qiyana in patch 9.13, League of Legends now has 145 Champions you can choose from. While choosing a champ to use can be confusing, it gets even more complicated when you're playing as part of a bot lane combo. What is League of Legends' best bot lane combo for you and your partner this season? Today, we check out some of the most dominant duos in the current meta.

League of Legends Best Bot Lane Combo - The Rundown

If you want to start tearing up the bottom lane ASAP, we have a quick list of bot lane combos for you. To avoid confusion, we'll start with the marksman followed by the support champion.

  1. Caitlyn and Lux - Long-range lane bullies
  2. Draven and Nami - All-in duo with excellent lane sustain
  3. Jinx and Nautilus - Near-inescapable hard engage team
  4. Kai'Sa and Janna - The new "protect the Kog'Maw" combo

How exactly do these champion combos work so well? Let's take a closer look at each combo and see how the champs complement each other

Combo 1: Caitlyn and Lux

Best Bot Lane Combo LoL - Caitlyn & Lux

Caitlyn - The Sherrif of Piltover has always been known for being one of the best lane bullies in the game. Her Piltover Peacemaker (Q) can be used to clear up waves in preparation for a trade. The Headshot passive gives him plenty of guaranteed poke damage when it's up. Last but not least, Ace in the Hole can be used to start a trade with the HP advantage or to deal with low-health targets.

Lux - Lux has one of the most versatile kits in the game. Her Light Binding (Q) and Lucent Singularity (E) provide a lot of utility. Those two abilities synergize well with her Illumination passive for good burst damage. She also has her Prismatic Barrier (W) that she can use to protect herself or an ally. There's also her Final Spark (R) which is one of the more reliable long-range AOE abilities in the game.

Why does it work?

The sheer range you get with these two champions makes it nearly impossible for the enemy team to farm safely near their minion lines. That range also comes with plenty of damage courtesy of Headshot and Illumination, so they'll be at an HP disadvantage before they can even fire their first shots. Last but not least, their ability to secure kills from a distance means even getting out of their range is extremely difficult.

Combo 2: Draven and Nami

Draven & Nami

Draven - A Draven player who can consistently juggle two or more axes from his Spinning Axe (Q) will easily out-damage everyone in a typical game of League. His League of Draven passive helps ensure that he earns gold faster than the enemy marksman. Consequently, he can get his key items faster for those key power spikes.

Nami - The Tidecaller is a favorite support player that specializes in sustaining and buffing teammates. Ebb and Flow (W) make sure her lane partners always benefit from her Surging Tides passive. On the other hand, Tidecaller's Blessing (E) helps increase her ally's DPS (with a slow to boot). Tidal Wave (R) is a great AOE CC ability that for initiating team fights or peel ing for teammates.

Why does it work?

Draven doesn't have by way of range. However, he makes up for it with short bursts of mobility courtesy of Blood Rush (W). With Nami's passive and the slow provided by her Tidecaller's Blessing, Draven will have an easier time getting in range for his Spinning Axes. Both their Ultimates are AOE and have fairly long range, so using them together is great during team fights.

Combo 3: Jinx and Nautilus

Best bot lane combo in league of legends

Jinx - If you're looking for a versatile marksman, you can't go wrong with Jinx. Switcheroo! (Q) lets her choose between fast, single target DPS or long-range AOE raw damage. While she does not have any teleports or dashes, her Flame Chompers! (E) offer some degree of safety. Her Zap! (E) provides good poke damage and soft CC, while her Super Mega Death Rocket! (R) is great for executing enemy champs or attempting to steal objectives like Baron and Dragon.

Nautilus - The Titan of the Depths is one of the best CC champs in the game in season 9. With his Staggering Blow passive and his AOE slow courtesy of Riptide (E), he can neuter key enemy targets during skirmishes. His Dredge Line (Q) gives him a good gap closer, while his Titan's Wrath (W) makes sure he stays tanky enough to last the entire fight. His Depth Charge (R) has the potential to stun the entire enemy team, and is a targeted attack so it will almost always land.

Why does it work?

Jinx and Nautilus seem like a perfect match for each other. Once the enemy is slowed by Zap!, Nautilus can follow through with a Dredge Line, a riptide, and the passive stun from his Staggering Blow, all while Jinx continuously deals damage. Flame Chompers! can also be cast behind the enemy to discourage them from running away from Nautilus. During team fights, Nautilus' Riptide and Depth Charge can provide Jinx with plenty of targets for her ultimate and splash damage basic attacks.

Combo 4: Kai'Sa and Janna

Kai'Sa -When it comes to mobility, few marksmen can keep up with Kai'Sa. Her Supercharger (E) is an incredible mobility tool that also drastically increases her DPS. Once she's in range, she can unleash her Icathian rain for a decent AOE or (even better) single-target burst. The entire time, her Caustic Wounds passive sets the enemy up for even more burst damage. If the burst damage was not enough, Kai'Sa also has incredible range with her Void Seeker (W), and her Killer Instinct (R) ultimate to chase fleeing targets.

Janna - One of the first champs in the game, Janna was always known for her ability to keep teammates alive. Howling Gale (Q) can be charged for a massive knock-up or used instantly to secure kills or deter pursuers. Monsoon (R) is considered one of the best support ultimates because it heals teammates, pushes enemies away, and shuts down their team's ability to make plays during big fights.

Why does it work?

Kai'Sa may be an excellent damage dealer, but she's one of the more fragile champs in the game. She needs a good support, but it's hard to keep up with her sheer mobility. Janna's movement speed boost from Tailwind and Zephyr (W) passive means she'll always be in range to keep Kai'Sa safe. As if getting near Kai'Sa wasn't bad enough, the enemy team also has to tear through a massive amount of shields while also taking heavy damage.

Other Great combos worth mentioning

While the three combos in our list are considered the best bot lane combos in Season 9, there are other notable bot lane pairs that are worth mentioning. Let's do a brief rundown on these duos.

Lucian and Braum - This combination was League of Legends' best bot lane combo for multiple seasons, thanks to how easy Lucian can guarantee a stun courtesy of Braum's passive. However, changes to the meta has pushed this combo to the sidelines in favor of meta champs (although it is still a strong combo overall).

Xayah and Rakan- The game's dedicated duo were considered top-tier threats in the bot lane for a time, but even champ-specific skill bonuses weren't enough to keep them at the top of the rankings, especially after hefty nerfs on Xayah's kit. While both champs remain as solid picks, they are no longer as dangerous as they were before.

League of Legends Best Bot Lane Combo

Kog'Maw and Lulu - Kog'Maw's insane damage and range is offset by its lack of defensive tools. This is where Lulu's shields, speed boosts, and CC peel comes in handy. Unfortunately, Season 9's meta greatly favors mobility and high burst damage, which means Kog'Maw is not as relevant as he is anymore.


This wraps up our discussion on League of Legends' best bot lane combo. We hope this has helped you find the right champion to play with your lane partner. Want to know more about the game? Click here for even more League-related content

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