Best Among Us Strategies & Tips to Get a Victory

best strategies in among us

Need some help to get the sweet victory screen when playing against your friends on Among Us? Finding the perfect moment to make the kill might be really hard sometimes. But here's a list of the best Among Us strategies and tips as an imposter!

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Here's quick rundown of the absolute best strategies in Among Us

My list of the best Among Us strategies

Learn every task

Among Us tasks strategies

The first thing you want to do when the game starts is to pretend you are working! If you just walk around, you’ll get fingers pointed at you for suspicious activities. Go ahead and act like you are doing your everyday work. Keep in mind that some tasks can give you visual indications when a crewmate is doing it. Still, I highly recommend you to turn this option off from the game configuration, so people don’t go around asking for someone to follow them and see how he does his tasks to prove his innocence!

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Earn someone’s trust

Among Us trust strategies

Having a crewmate who trusts you can easily decide the game. If someone accuses you as the impostor, you can have a crew member vouching for you. An easy way to do this is to make sure you are in a room alone with your future “ally,” so it’s clear that if you were the impostor, you could have easily killed him.

Sabotage is your friend

Among Us sabotage strategies

As an imposter, you can sabotage the ship:

  • Close doors: useful to separate the crewmates or to slow them down.
  • Turn off the lights: reduces the vision of the crewmates until someone fixes it.
  • Comms: turn off the cameras, and the crewmates can’t see their tasks on the map.
  • Reactor meltdown: requires two players to fix it at the same time in the same room.
  • Deplete oxygen:  requires the crew to insert a code in two separate devices.

The reactor and the oxygen sabotages are essential for the crew because if not fixed in time, the game ends. These sabotages are the most important, as it works for separating the crew or to draw them to one side of the ship. You could pretend to be fixing one of these critical tasks and let the timer run out, as a crewmate would believe that you will take care of it. You can also fix these critical tasks to earn the crew's trust.

Watch out for the cameras

Among Us cameras strategies

When you are running around looking for your next victim, make sure to pay attention to the security cameras, because someone could be watching you. You can easily know if someone is watching because the camera itself will blink with a red light. Otherwise, if you want to make the kill even if someone is looking at the cameras, you can sabotage the communications, leaving the cameras useless until it’s fixed.

Best place to kill

Among Us room strategies

The best place to kill someone is inside rooms, where it would take more time to find the body compared to a hallway. Always make sure no one sees you going in with your victim, as if you make a kill in a room where someone saw you go in with the victim, you will be the first to be accused. Anyways, you can also kill someone in the middle of a hallway; it always depends on the situation. For example, you could sabotage the reactor, and as you run through the hallway with someone to fix it, you can kill him right there if no one is around.

Use the vents after killing

Among Us vents strategies

Killing inside the rooms is the best place to do so because there are vents in most of them! And of course, you, the imposter, can use them to move around the map between rooms. A perfect example is in “The Skeld” map, going inside the electrical room with your victim (making sure no one else sees you go in) - kill him and go straight to the vent, which leads out to either security or the med bay, just make sure no one is inside the room you are popping out from the vent. You can always lurk inside a vent and wait for your victim to come close, leaving you to pop out, make the kill and go back into the vent, but keep in mind that while inside the vent, your kill cooldown is frozen.

Secure the final kill for the win

Among Us win strategies

When the amount of imposters is the same as the number of crewmates, the impostor wins.

If you got to the situation where there are only four players left, and you have to lie your face off to blame a crewmate for convincing the rest of the crew that he’s the impostor, you are only one kill away from victory. But your previous lies clearly makes you the impostor now, so the crew is going to try and press the emergency button before you make the last kill. Don’t worry; the emergency button has a predefined cooldown. Make sure to know how much time you have before they can press it, and when that time is close, sabotage a critical task such as the reactor or the oxygen, which will prevent them from calling the meeting until it’s fixed. By the time they fix this, your kill cooldown will be ready to go and take the last kill.

The best strategies are your own

Feel free to try and implement all I have explained so far and experiment by yourself! I find these to be the best Among Us strategies when I'm playing with my friends, and things get ugly. I hope these tips and strategies help you. Make sure to use the ones you find fit and are appropriate for your situation. Always remain calm, take your time if you need to, and if things go wrong, get ready to lie.


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