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If you're a fan of asymmetrical horror games or Roblox, then this is the game for you. It brings those two worlds crashing together and even managed to pull in certain elements of Fortnite to keep the lighter moments tonally correct for all players. In this Before the Dawn Roblox game review, we're going to cover everything great about the game and some of the points that you might not enjoy out of the overall experience.

The Good

  • Wide range of maps
  • Selection of killers to choose from
  • Fun waiting lobby between matches
  • Tense atmosphere

The Bad

  • Lack of soundtrack
  • Can take too long to become a killer



If you've ever played a game like Dead by Daylight, then the concept of Before the Dawn should be familiar. A group of players is put on a map, and one of them is the killer. The killer needs to hunt down and kill all of the other players before dawn, in roughly six in-game hours. The other players need to survive, hiding and running from the killer when required.

We know that this concept works from the success of other Roblox games such as Darkness. However, here the players who must survive are made even more powerless. All they have is a simple torch. If the killer sees them, their only option is to break line of sight and hide inside a locker or somewhere the killer would never think to look.


Before each match, players are all put into a lobby. This takes the form of a large cabin in the woods and immediately sets the game's dark tone. From here, one killer is chosen, and the rest of the players are put on the map. This lobby feels similar to the one you might know from Fortnite, where players get to mess around before a match starts. It's a nice touch that makes playing with friends more fun.

Each map is randomly chosen, but all of them are fantastic. The game looks brilliant, and the spooky atmosphere is thick throughout just from the lighting. This makes hiding from the killer even more intense.

Killers have night-vision of some sort. In some cases, it's green, and in others, it's red. This depends on who the killer is. For example, the alien has a green vision, but the sith has a red vision. Regardless, killers have an easy time seeing in the dark, which is why playing as a survivor is so scary.

If the killer manages to locate and murder everyone, they win the match. If a survivor manages to survive until dawn though, they win. In this way, the game is very similar to the Five Nights and Freddy's series, with the clock determining who wins if the match is too close.

My only complaint is that becoming the killer can take a long time. This is true of most asymmetrical horror games, but it's definitely the biggest downfall in gameplay.



Unfortunately, the lack of music continues throughout the rest of the game, making it hard to enjoy at times. While it does ramp up the tension when the killer is nearby, the rest of the time, it actually makes the game feel a little dull. I struggled to be enthusiastic about additional matches just because of that lack of decent audio.


That's it for our Before the Dawn Roblox game review. Overall, this is a fantastic little horror game. It's definitely best played with friends, but teaming up with strangers is always good fun as well. It doesn't even matter which side you're on, killer or survivor, as long as you stick to the premise of each match, this is a phenomenal horror game.

To see the game in action, check out the video below.

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