Play Apex Legends Tournaments on PS4 – [How To]

Cross-platform gaming and tournaments are some of the most anticipated features by PlayStation players. With the prior feature in development, it has been left to the community to launch their own tournaments for people to join on PS4. So far this is how you can play Apex Legends tournaments on PS4:

How do Tournaments Work on PlayStation?

Tournaments have existed for gamers long before Apex was released, with games like Call of Duty being largely responsible for introducing PS4 competitions to the masses. If it wasn’t for teams like FaZe Clan, who collectively have tens of millions of fans, there may not have been as much hype or demand around these matches as there currently is today.

When talking about console tournaments, there are many examples that we can look at. One of the more common examples is in regards to one of Apex’s biggest direct competitors - Fortnite. Being two of the largest battle royale games in the world, it is no surprise that there are competitions running around the clock. It should also be no surprise that these are available for PlayStation players, as well as PC players.


One of the striking features that closely resembled a tournament in Fortnite was the cup-style games. These games took place over a set amount of hours and rewarded people who accrued a certain amount of points with pins. Whilst this is rewarding all players who reached a certain amount, it has similarities to games that reward just the top players.

Some of the more well-known matches include ones that are officially hosted by Epic Games, particularly those that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who was reportedly paid $1,000,000 to recently stream Apex, plays in. These operate in the same way as traditional tournaments where competitors receive points for kills and wins. The more points you get, the better you place.

Lastly, there were tournaments that were, usually, community ran and often occurred in private games. These saw people who signed up on the host’s website being able to battle it out without people who hadn’t signed up joining in. Some of the leading companies were seen to be offering thousands of dollars in prize money. Whilst a lot of games were buy-in only, there were many free to play ones on offer, in order to accommodate everyone. These were incredibly popular amongst amateur players who didn’t qualify to be part of the professional tournaments.

Apex Legends

When it comes to Apex Legends tournaments, there are some limitations that are forced upon people who run them. Many of the limitations and possibilities have been outlined in one of our other articles on this topic, located here. One of the core restrictions is that there are no private games, meaning that users have to queue up and join a public game and play with people who aren’t a part of the competition. This can, obviously, bring up some issues. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same; people get points for kills, people get points for wins, people rank based on how many points they have.

Different Apex Legends Tournaments for PlayStation

There are many sites that offer tournaments for people on this platform, most of which are the same as the ones listed in one of our other Apex articles.


The European Gaming League is relatively similar to in the fact that they run tournaments that people can enter in order to win prize money. Being in existence since 2005, this platform runs more tournaments than its competitor, however, they are focused on multiple games. Matches are typically best of 1 and are usually squads.


This is another relatively large organizer and, like with EGL, hosts matches for a wide variety of games. Similarly, they also don’t allow other members to create tournaments which could be considered a downfall. The general structure for tournaments here is single elimination brackets like many other providers.


Tournaments for Apex Legends on PlayStations function rather similarly to how these matches work on different platforms, as well as how they work for different games, with there being similarities with Fortnite tournaments. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be platform exclusive competitions for PlayStation but, depending on what capability is added in the future, this may become a feature.

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