Best Among Us Skin Combos List – Create The Perfect Outfit

Best Among us outfits

Among Us provides the player with a great number of cosmetics, which combined can create some hilarious results. Players aren't shy to show off their style in this game, and that can even go as deep as their names. Here we've thought long and hard about the best outfits you can create, and what names will go well with them. The best Among Us skin combos that you can create are as follows:


Astronaut skin combo Among us

We all would love to be an astronaut, so why not at least dress like one. Put on your helmet and be ready just in case you're ejected into outer space.

This outfit is perfect for using the name "Neil", after Neil Armstrong. If you want to try to trip other players up though, you could go for "vote space". This will confuse those who aren't paying enough attention.

Police Officer

Police officer skin combo among us

Every space ship needs an officer to control the situation if things gets out of hand. And you may want to do some detective work while you're at it. What with all the crewmates getting killed.

I think a perfect name for this outfit is "Detective", because it gives you a level of authority. You could boss all the other players around in the hopes that the Imposters simply reveal themselves out of pure guilt.

The General

General skin combo among us

You want to shout out some orders? This may fit you. This outfit is screaming for the name "Sir" to be used. No one will know what is going on because it'll look like they're all being really polite and asking each other to "please vote sir".

Alternatively you could go for "That's an order". Then it will seem like anyone accusing you is simply ordering everyone else to cast a vote.

The Mafia

Mafia skin combo among us

Bring in the drama with a mafia outfit, just be warned, horses are not allowed in this space ship. If you want to stay on theme, try "Don" as a name. See if anyone has the balls to mess with you.

Another option for a name is "Tommy". Whenever someone says your name you just say gun, and the chat will be filled with "Tommy gun".

The Birthday

Birthday skin combo among us

Are you celebrating something with your friends? What better way to do so with a party cone, so get the whole crew to equip it and get the party started.

The only name for this outfit is "It's my birthday". No one will be mean to you if they think it's your birthday. It'll also be impossible for anyone to accuse you.

The Doctor

Doctor skin combo among us

Equip your stethoscope and white coat, every ship needs a doctor, let's just hope your skills won’t be necessary.

You could decide to use "Doctor" as your name here. It will look like everyone is just asking for your vote choice before they make one. Another good option is "The Doctor", because it makes you sound authoritative, and like a Time Lord.

The Captain

Captain skin combo among us

Every ship needs a captain, even space ones! So, put on your suit and lead the crew into victory. Again, a literal name is great here. "Captain" will see all players typing "Vote Captain" if they suspect you, and you can pretend to call the shots and convince everyone to vote for them instead.


Angel among us

How could you have killed a crewmate? You are just an angel! The perfect name here is "I Didn't Do It", who isn't going to trust you when you look like that?

You could go the other way and name yourself "Devil". Everyone will be looking for the red player instead of you.

The Devil

Devil among us outfit

This kind of angel may not be the good one, but it can get the work done. I hope you are good convincing people.

Both "Angel" and" Devil" are perfect for this outfit as well. I persinally think "Angel" will work best with this one though. Either that or just be up front about being evil and call yourself "Imposter".

The Chef

Chef among us

It’s time someone takes care of dinner around here, and maybe the impostor won’t even kill a crewmate with a full belly.

The best name here is "Cannibal". It makes you look totally insane, and most players probably won't mess with you as a result. If you want to have even more fun, try going for "Vegan" and see what happens when you're the Imposter.

The Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor among us

This may be a little more shady version of the doctor, but at least this one is wearing a mask in this contagious ship!

Name yourself "Cure" and no one will be able to identify you when it comes to voting. You could also call yourself "Bring Out Your Dead" if you want to truly unnerve every other player.


Jason among us

Put on your killer outfit and hope to get to be the impostor, maybe the looks will be justified and you can do honor to your outfit.

The only name you can use with this outfit is "Jason". I think "Jason X" could also work for the 10 people who actually watched that film.

The Sleepover

Sleepover among us

If you are planning to do a virtual sleepover make sure to put on some comfortable clothes and a nice beanie. Just don't fall asleep and remember to do your tasks fast!

This outfit screams tryharding. Name yourself "Friend" and see how many people vote you out immediately. The other option is to go with "Leprechaun", though I'm sure you're going to offend any Irish players you come across.

The Soldier

Soldier among us

Gear up and get ready! Those tasks ain't gonna get done by themselves soldier. So put on your helmet and get to work!

"Soldier" in itself is a great name for this outfit, but I think "Private" would be better. Imagine the chaos when everyone spams "Vote Private" in the chat and then disagrees with one another when they realise the vote is clearly public.

Just a plant

Plant among us

This is my personal favorite, and the one i chose the first time i played and always kept. Just equip brown dirt color skin and put a simple plant on your head. What could go wrong?

Name yourself after any plant you can think of. I'd go with "Spider Plant". I think you could make some very stupid arguments up in the chat about people accusing the plants of killing crewmates off.

The Best Among Us Skin Combos are Your Own

There are a lot of other cosmetics that you can use. The main variables are the hats, and there are even pets that follow you! So feel free to find your own best combination to create a unique outfit and be the most creative among your friends. So, with all of that said, the best outfits are the ones you create and love.

Don't forget to choose an appropriate name along with your outfit, if you didn't like the ones we put in. Choosing the correct one will make your combo even better.


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