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Hi! We are William Westerlund and Jonathan Svensson, two individuals with a passion for gaming. We live to play video games, watch others, and write about different games. because we LOVE Esports. Some people say gaming it’s just that, gaming, but we think it will have a significant impact on the world, much bigger than we can imagine. We believe that we will see gamers be more famous than football players, the question is only when this will happen in our opinion.

Anyhow, we want to help our fellow gamers by providing the best possible content. We don’t like hiding the answer at the end of an article like many others. For example, instead, we try to provide you with what we believe you are looking for at the beginning of the article and make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for.

We are always looking for new writers that want to create the best possible content out there and have the same passion for esports as we do!

Contact us at topgamersguide.com [AT] gmail.com

William Westerlund

Besides work on Top Gamers Guide William is also a real CSGO geek, (check out his live stats here: https://beta.esportal.se/profile/westerlund)

He is currently playing in the Swedish second-largest league called “Regional series” and is working on getting up to the “Elit series” which is Sweden’s largest national CSGO tournament with $100,000 in the prize pool.

He’s also an avid Valorant player, which has led him to together with Jonathan, create another website specifically focused on Valorant betting. You can read about that on an interview with Great.com.

Jonathan Svensson

Jonathan has led many different projects, the most mention-worthy is Altpocket, with 100 000 traders acquired in organic ways. But he has also been a gamer since a really young age and played a lot of Counter-Strike 1.6, CSGO and Leauge of legends.