7 Surprising Stats About Online Casinos

Gambling is an activity that most people connect to a certain lifestyle. At the mere mention of the word, you are very likely to think about suits and glamorous dresses, flashing lights of a land-based casino, and drinks galore. But that picture has changed quite a bit with the arrival of online casinos. Nowadays, everyone has a chance to enjoy casino games, as long as they create an account. Moreover, this new way of gambling has opened up quite a few different opportunities, as one can now make a living streaming games on Twitch. Don’t feel like you’ve been out of the loop if this is your first time hearing about it – there are many surprising stats about online casinos that will have even the biggest gaming enthusiasts taken aback and surprised.

7 Surprising stats about online casinos

Depending on where you look, you will be able to find many different facts and statistics regarding online casinos. That’s why we’ve come up with our own selection of interesting yet surprising stats regarding online casinos that you might appreciate reading about.

1.    Online casinos date back to 1994

It sounds almost impossible that the first online casino dates back to 1994, as most homes didn’t even have access to the Internet. But that doesn’t change the fact that this was the year when Microgaming, a gambling software company, developed the first online casino. They might not have been aware of it at the time, but it was this action that would lead to the creation of one of the biggest online industries of modern times.

2.    You can find more than 4300 online casinos on the Internet

Let’s just say that you might run into a few obstacles when searching for the best Canadian online casino – not because there aren’t any around, but because you will have too many options at your disposal. To be precise, the Internet holds more than 4300 online casinos nowadays, and that number is on a constant rise. You can find all kinds of online casinos, including blockchain-based ones, which brings us to the next surprising statistic about online casinos.

3.    Gambling with cryptocurrency is now a thing

We’ve come a long way from the days when we knew nothing about cryptocurrency and what it entailed. Today, you can even gamble by using crypto coins, as there’s a growing number of online casinos that accept it as a payment method. Unlike online casinos themselves, crypto gambling hasn’t been around for quite as long, which is why it’s still fairly unfamiliar to most people. Keep in mind that you can gamble by using many different cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin being among the most used ones.

4.    Most online gamblers are male

Gambling isn’t an activity that’s more suited for one gender than the other. However, statistics show that this is an activity that attracts men much more than it attracts women. As much as 80% of all online gamblers are men, which is a somewhat shocking fact. There’s no precise reason why online casinos attract a predominantly male audience. That being said, there is a theory that this is due to the fact that casino games could resemble video games, which we all know is something men love. Make no mistake – there are many women that have started playing games like CS:GO and League of Legends, but it’s mostly men that live for the thrill of these action-packed online adventures.

5.    17% of the world’s population has tried out online gambling at some point

After all, with more than 4300 online casinos in circulation, is it really that surprising that casino games have been tried out by 17% of the world’s population? You might be among the 17% who have given these games a try and realized that they just weren’t for you, or you could have fallen in love with them instantly. At least now you know that you are in some good company, especially since this number is expected to rise in the years to come.

6.    Not everyone can play casino games

This is probably one of the stats about online casinos that you are not going to love in case it affects you, but the truth is that not everyone will have access to casino games. Online gambling and gambling in general is still an illegal and unregulated activity in many parts of the world. Take the USA and Canada as the best example of this – there are some states and provinces where gambling is regulated, but there are also those where one can’t get access to gambling sites. Keep in mind that, even if online gambling is permitted in your country, you still might not be able to access games by certain providers.

7.    Slots are the most popular casino game

Easy to play, widely available, and uncomplicated – this would be the best way to describe slots. Factor in the almost complete lack of rules that comes with them and we can easily see why they would be the most sought-after game in both land-based and online casinos. Plus, there are slots by numerous game providers, all of which come with different themes and winning potential. Therefore, they are great for both newbies and those experience casino-goers.

There are many other newsworthy facts regarding the online gambling industry

From being able to try out casino games for free to enjoying special promotions and accessing your chosen casino at any point of day or night, there are quite a few particularities regarding online casinos that you should know. That is, you should keep them in mind if you plan on venturing into the world of online gambling, where you would be in some good company. Before that happens, it’s always good to read up on the interesting yet surprising stats about online casinos, as you’ll give yourself a good head start by doing so. Feel free to use this article as your starting point, but don’t hesitate to conduct your own online research.

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