7 Predictions for Esports Gamers in 2021

The iGaming sector is continually advancing. New trends crop up in the industry often and most of them have transformed online gaming in a manner that many never anticipated. For instance, who could have thought that mobile gaming would become as popular as it is today?

A lot has happened in the industry over the last decade and much more is predicted to happen. Gaming activities like eSportshave become famous as the sector advances and fans can expect some exciting changes next year and beyond.

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones and tablets remain a primary gaming device for many iGamers. Their portable nature makes them the preferred gaming option by many, particularly those who are always on the move. 

Casinos today are making sure their sites are compatible with mobile devices for gamers who love the convenience of mobile gaming. In 2021, casinos offering eSports will put more focus on ensuring their sites are fully synchronized for mobile gaming. 

They may start seeing sites that offer downloadable apps for other operating Gamers can also look forward to the availability of more powerful mobile devices on the markets that will make gaming on them as smooth as it is on computers. 

More Access to eSports Betting Sites

Gamers who are interested in betting on eSports can do so with ease in 2021 since more sites will start offering the games. Currently, the number of good casinos with these types of games are few. This makes it challenging for gamers to find legitimate sites with a variety of eSports.

Fortunately, you can find a review of the best online eSports betting site at online-gambling.com. This site does the heavy lifting of testing different bookmakers for you so that all you need is to choose the right one.

Additional Esports

The number of eSports available is not as varied as many iGamers would love. They are far too many similar games. However, ESports developers are aware that the numbers are limited and are thus in the process of developing more games. 

Players demanding better eSports games are also increasing and to meet this demand, new games have to be released in 2021 and beyond. Players will love the diversified options that will be available for them in the coming year. 


Although the idea behind Gaming-as-a-Service which is also known as cloud gaming is not something new to the iGaming sector its use is still limited. Online gaming experts argue that its successful implementation can revolutionize the industry. 

In 2021, it is predicted that gaming tools like consoles and PCs will start to adopt the ideas behind Gaming-as-a-Service. If this comes to be, gamers will be able to play their favourite eSports through live streaming on their devices. 

With this, even if you have a low-performance computer, you will be able to play all of the latest eSports since the games will be running on high-performance servers. Also, gamers won't have to wait for updates since, with cloud gaming, eSports will always be up to date.

Extended Reality (XR)

VR and AR are not new terms in the iGaming world. Their use, however, is limited in the industry with very few eSports that allow games to experience these mind-blowing technologies. 

The rising demand for eSports powered by virtual and augmented reality will most likely prompt operators in the industry to introduce more of such games. VR, in particular, makes the simulation of real-life pursuits easier. 

Games powered by this technology have immersive elements that make players feel as if they are interacting with the digital environment in a real-life setting. As for augmented reality, it levels digital enhancements, supplying an existing real-world atmosphere. 

Augmented reality, uses computer-generated tools and tries to implement them to scenarios associated with real life. If VR and AR are used in eSports, they will make playing these types of online games fun and captivating.


Gaming companies and casino operators have been monitoring the iGaming landscape to enable them to roll out games that suit players' interests. Game developers what to make a difference by creating games that promote inclusivity. 

This applies to all games, including big names like CS: GO, LOL and Fortnite. Next year, it's likely that lovers of eSports will start seeing games that embrace inclusivity. Instead of the common eSports that feature leading sports, there will be eSports based on less popular themes. 

Taking the approach will help the sector to satisfy the gaming needs of the diverse eSports audience. Through this, also, gamers can anticipate games with better and advanced features and graphics. Gamers can expect enjoyable gaming sessions due to these developments. 

Live Streaming

Video streaming is taking shape in the world of eSports and in the coming years, the market will develop even further. It will become easier to find sites where you can live stream your favourite eSport either on your desktop or mobile device. 

Most players today depend on Twitch, which so far is the leading video streaming service. The website works smoothly across all devices, which is why it has become a favourite to many. Over a million gamers depend on Twitch while others depend on YouTube. 

Considering its success, more iGaming will try their best to catch up so they can meet the needs of gamers who wish it were possible to stream eSports on the same site where they play other casino games. Live streaming is a trend that eSports websites can't ignore in this decade. 

Esports Professionalization

Esports has been evolving from competitions played on computers to professional sports, leagues, players and teams. They have gone into the global arena, attracting thousands of players and fans who love experiencing the thrill of watching the games. 

Esports has become a profitable business venture with increased partnerships and sponsorship available across the globe. Moving into the future, the industry will become more professionalized as well as attract more players. 

The football industry has been fast to react to this and some national teams and clubs have signed their teams to play against each other. The coming year will see more sports teams and players join the industry.

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