7 Gaming YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Today

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Can we all please have a moment to thank YouTube and content creators for making the gaming universe so much cooler than it was before (and also a huge brain rabbit hole we could stay down forever)? Watching people play and getting the funny bits, reactions and even exploring game lore is wild out there - and there are some much-watch channels you need on your subs list.

No matter how much you think of yourself as a skilled gamer, getting pointers from the pros is never a bad idea. Sure, you may think of yourself as quite the expert, but refreshing your memory surely won’t hurt. Subscribing to Youtube channels is nothing new, and it’s actually one of the most useful ways of upping your gameplay. Even experienced gamblers who take advantage of top no deposit free spins bonuses do this, so it’s far from a novice concept.

1. VanossGaming

Evan Fong, better known online as VanossGaming is a huge personality on YouTube and has racked up almost 26 million subscribers on YouTube over the course of his time on the platform. Popping up on YouTube in 2011, Fong, from Canada, has been grinding for years, even dropping out of school to become a YouTuber (i.e. there’s hope for us yet). In his video he plays everything from Mario Party Superstars to Fortnite to Minecraft and everything in between. Evan’s also known for his steps into other areas such as music, with a 2019 album and a smattering of singles beforehand, plus some featuring in adult comedy animation.

2. Jacksepticeye

Despite the sexy sounding name, jacksepticeye (government name: Sean McLoughlin) keeps it above board on his channel, with his affable Irish accent entertaining people all over the globe for well over 10 years. He’s a pretty funny guy, Sean, and it shows through his most watched videos including his Five Nights at Freddys animations and Happy Wheels flip out. Most recently, jacksepticeye has been putting out plenty of content related to VR games, which is great to stay on the cutting edge of the gaming world. 

3. Markiplier

If you think you’d enjoy videos with titles like The Day I Broke My Ass and I Will Start an OnlyFans, then you’ve come to the right channel. Markiplier is a content king and pumps out reams of the stuff, covering games like Resident Evil: Village DLC, Bendy and the Dark Revival, and Deadspace: Remake. With a booming deep voice, Markiplier captures your attention from the first word. There are also plenty of lols across the board and his IRL series is a treat.

4. MrBeast Gaming

It’s impossible to get into the world of YouTube gamers without coming across MrBeast Gaming. Jimmy Donaldson is just 24 and has claimed the title of the world’s most famous YouTuber. MrBeast is another school dropout, bailing from his studies to focus again on his YouTube career. Previously known as MrBeast6000, he now has over 30 million followers, but first found true viral fame after he made a video counting to 100,000. Fun fact: there’s also a MrBeast Gaming TV show from 2020 hosted by Jimmy that’s a favorite among fans.

5. The Game Theorists

If you’re less about watching people play games for a laugh and more about all the bits to do with game lore and game conspiracy theories, then you’ll get a kick out of The Game Theorists. Despite the name, The Game Theorists was created by just one dude, MatPat aka Matthew Patrick. MatPat also runs The Film Theorists and Food Theory, which are both highly successful channels in their own right and focus on a similar style of content but for film and food, respectively.

6. Dream

Dream’s come up is the stuff that dreams are made of. Clay’s Minecraft-based channel managed to amass almost 10 million subscribers in just over a year! Part of Dream’s whole ‘thing’ was that was never got to see his face, teasing reveals as far back as 2019, with the final, actual, real reveal in October 2022. Dream’s YouTubing is pretty much all Minecraft all the time, so if you are a Minecraft fan then hit up his videos for a few hours. Or days, there is that many of them.

7. SS Sniper Wolf

We couldn’t have our list be an all-male lineup! SS Sniper Wolf is Little Lia is Alia Shelesh, an American YouTuber who has the most diverse range of content on our list. Sure, there are Fortnite videos, but you’ll also find stupid life hacks, commentary clips, and funny Omegle videos. Alia has over 30 million subs on her main channel, plus you can head over to Little Lia and Sausage if you just can’t get enough of her.

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